My first day

Today has been one of the hardest emotional days of my life.  Last night I got a panic attack and threw up my dinner.  This morning I was anxious and depressed but managed not to cry as I rode the train to class.  I was too nervous to eat anything but one of the sisters bought me a loaf of bread so I brought that with me.  I took the test and was placed into C1.1-C1.2, which is pretty high.  But I have been learning German for awhile. (C2 is the highest level.)  It turns out I was supposed to have taken the test yesterday, which kinda upped my stress level, but there were other students who were taking the test today too.  Everybody there was really nice and I like my professor as well.  I understand most of what he says, and I think I’m going to learn a lot.  Toward the end I had to throw up again so I had to run out of the class and by the time I got back class was over.  I explained to the professor how I was feeling and he was very understanding.  Then when I got home I broke down again.  I ended up calling H.A. (a sister here in Berlin) and went over to her place.  The transit system here is awesome, by the way.  By the time I get back, I am going to be soooo spoiled!!  Then I went back home and now here I am.  I need to do my homework before heading to bed, so I better say bye for now.  When I’m feeling a little better, I’ll take some pictures and put them up here.  It’s so cool to see everything in German!




2 responses to “My first day

  • Julie

    Awww Becky! First days are always rough – don’t feel bad. You will get used to it and everything will start to run smoothly. Pretty soon everything will be routine and you will forget that you were ever nervous. 🙂 Praying for you!!

  • susiewaggener

    Sounds like a progressive first day, Becky, even with the hurtles mentioned. May you be like the living creature with eyes within and without…insight, foresight, hindsight. Sweet dreams and rest in the warmth of His presence. I love you.

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