Eine Spaziergang in der Mitte Berlin

Hello again!  Today was really cool because I went on a guided tour to the middle of Berlin where the oldest buildings in Berlin are.  And of course I took some pictures! 🙂

Our guide explained to us how the East Germans wanted to keep the Ampelmaennchen after the fall of the Berlin wall, so he showed us this picture which says “Save the Ampelmaennchen.” 😉

He then showed us a picture of apartments where East Germans used to live.

And then right across the street were some old East German apartments that are still being used today.

Here is the oldest Stadtplan (city map) of the middle of Berlin, which if I recall correctly dates back to the middle ages.

Another map of the middle of Berlin.  Actually I’m not sure if this one is older or not…I think it might be.

Here is the Marienkirche, the oldest church in Berlin, dating back to the Middle Ages.  It was originally a catholic church, but it is now used as an evangelical church.  Behind it is the TV tower, which the GDR (German Democratic Republic, basically the socialist East German government) used to broadcast their socialist news all over the GDR.  We got really lucky because there was actually a blue sky today and it really wasn’t that cold.  The fact that the TV tower is right behind the Marienkirche is very ironic because they are like two opposites.

The door to the Marienkirche

Here is a picture of what is called “The Dance of Death.”  It basically shows that no matter who you are, rich or poor, everybody dies, so everybody has to dance the dance of death.  Kinda creepy, huh?

At the church you can actually buy a mosaic stone to help create a mosaic of Totentanz.  I didn’t buy one, obviously.

Here is a part of what has been created already.

Is that not awesome? 😀

Outside the Marienkirche, tucked away in a little corner, is a statue of Martin Luther.  It used to be in front of the church, but in the GDR they took it away.  It wasn’t until the fall of the wall that they put him back, but they put him in such a place that is surrounded by trees because Socialists don’t want anything to do with the Reformation.

You can barely see it, but it says “Made in GDR.”  If you see one of these, our leader told us, you know you are still in former East Berlin.

This is pretty cool because it has lots of important landmarks engraved on it.  Here is where Berlin gets its water from (or at least one place where it’s located).  The water here in Berlin is actually of a very good quality; you can drink straight from the tap.

Here is what is left of the old Berlin city hall, which was of course destroyed in the war.  Behind it is the current city hall (Rathaus).

The current Berlin city hall

And from a distance

I love the sky in this one.

The right side of the Rathaus.  Look, there’s the TV tower! 🙂

Here’s a really bad picture of the Nikolaikirche, probably the most famous church in Berlin, if not one of the top ones.

A very old street in Nikolaiviertel, the oldest part of Berlin.

My favorite picture!  Here is the Berlin Cathedral, otherwise known as the Berliner Dom.  It looks so pretty with the trees and the leaves.

The Berliner Dom lies on the Spree River.


Well, it’s late and I need to go to sleep.  Hope you enjoyed the pictures! 😀


4 responses to “Eine Spaziergang in der Mitte Berlin

  • Hannah

    Sooo pretty Beck! I’m glad you’re seeing the city and getting out. I know you’re going to have great memories from this 🙂

  • susiewaggener

    nice pictures, Becky…enjoyed your tour and informative narration. It’s almost like being there and learning history. 🙂

  • Lori

    Now look at you taking Berlin by storm! Seems you are merging just fine into your new environment and the Berliners! So happy you are with the sisters….Hope and the others are awesome (I don’t recognize all of them though from the pictures). Enjoy the outdoors and the bakeries! Wish I could be there with you! Love, Lori

  • George Martinez

    great pics!

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