Everything’s Going Great

Today was just wonderful.  Nothing spectacular happened in school, and I didn’t even really go anywhere.  It was just a normal day with absolutely no problems.  I spoke more in class and I even volunteered to speak on a random topic for 3 minutes.  The topic I blindly picked was “My parents.”  So I started out saying how much I love my parents and how they raised me to be a Christian.  Then I talked about what they  do for a living.  But I mainly just kept saying “Ich liebe meine Eltern.”  (I love my parents.)  Oh, I did mention that everybody in my family calls my mom Mutti, and my classmates thought that was cute.  Anyway, after class I did some grocery shopping, then I chilled out until 5:30 PM when I left for the Goethe Institute to listen to a presentation on the Sachsenhausen concentration camp.  And then I came back home and here I am!

Although today was pretty laid-back, this weekend was anything but that.  I went to Düsseldorf for the first Lord’s Table meeting!  It was really wonderful to see brothers and sisters in the Lord from all over Europe.  There were saints from all over Germany, Switzerland, England, Holland, and maybe more.  Although I hardly knew anybody (mainly just those from Berlin), it didn’t matter because we were all worshiping the Father in His one Body.  I enjoyed singing hymns both in German and English and exercising my human spirit to enjoy the Lord.  It took us a long time to get there (about 9 hours) and even longer to get back (10 hours because the trains were late which caused us to have to change our itinerary), but it was well worth it.  We arrived in Berlin about 2:00 AM and the U-Bahn was already closed for the night, so I just spent the night with R instead of figuring out how to get back with the Tram.  The whole experience was just so wonderful.  It’s amazing what the Lord is doing in Europe to prepare the way for His return.  I was so thankful to be able to be there to participate.

Next weekend I will be participating in a young people’s conference in southern Germany.  It won’t take quite as long because we’re driving (thank goodness!).  I’m really excited because not only will it be wonderful to get to know some of the young brothers and sisters in Germany, it will be a great way for me to practice my German!

Well, it’s only about 9:00 PM over here, but I didn’t get much sleep last night so I’m going to turn in early.  Ich liebe euch!



Our train on the way to Düsseldorf (well, the first one, anyway)

When we arrived in Düsseldorf on Saturday night, we were able to sight see a little bit.  This is the Rhein river at night.  It was very beautiful.

Like Berlin, Düsseldorf also has a TV tower.  We decided to go up it.

Luckily there was an elevator. 😛

At the top.

The first Lord’s table in Düsseldorf! 🙂

The breaking of the bread

On the train back home

Here we are late at night, somewhere around 11:00 PM.  It was so pretty with all the fog but it was also a bit chilly.

That’s all for now! 🙂


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