An amazing weekend in Balingen

What an amazing weekend blending with the saints all over Germany!  This weekend I went to Balingen, Germany for a conference about the fours pillars in the Lord’s recovery: the truth, life, the church, and the gospel.  I got the opportunity to translate each message into English for a Russian sister and a Korean brother (C.K.-he lived in Atlanta for a little while, and now he’s working in Stuttgart).  It was really hard at first, but eventually I starting getting the hang of it.  When you’re translating, it can be difficult because you’re going from one language to another, so even though I understood was what being said in German, sometimes I had trouble thinking of the English equivalent.  Other times I just had no idea what was being said.  We didn’t have an English copy of the outline, either, so I had to translate all the outline points, which was very difficult because they are so complex.  Translating in German is also difficult because you often have to wait until the end of the sentence to hear what the verb is, and if it’s a long sentence, sometimes you forget what was said in the meantime while you’re waiting!  It was a very good exercise for me, although it was very tiring.

The cool part about this conference was that we got to stay in a Jugedherberge, a youth hostel.  The youth hostel we stayed in was a very old yet beautiful building.

Our youth hostel

The symbol for youth hostel

outside the youth hostel

houses around the youth hostel

part of the youth hostel

Beautiful fall scenery

The meeting room

The tables were so beautiful, I had to take a picture. 🙂

Typical German lunch.  Doesn’t it look delicious?

A small village in the distance

I had such a wonderful time.  When we got back to Berlin, I was a little sad.  After being in the country and enjoying the fresh air, it was back to the sights and smells of a busy city.  There’s kinda this oppressive feeling in the city of Berlin; everybody is always in a hurry and each person minds his own business.  But it’s also a very beautiful city and historically rich.

Anyway, going back to this weekend, I rode with 7 other brothers and sisters in a brother’s van all the way to Balingen, which was about an 8 hour trip.  Because I was in a car, I got to experience the Autobahn.  It was actually kinda scary.  Not only do cars drive up to 160 km per hour (approximately 100 mph), but the lanes are very narrow and the lines between lanes are more like recommendations of where cars should drive because sometimes cars drive right in the middle of two lanes, and nobody seems to mind.  The scariest part is when you are driving a certain speed, and then another car in the lane next to you speeds by 50 km/hr faster than you, so of course the wind from that car causes your car to shake.  I learned that there are three different speed  signs: the speed that you are not supposed to go over (speed limit), the speed that you are not allowed to go under, and a recommended speed (in which case there is no speed limit).  It was all very interesting.  I couldn’t help but think of my mom trying to drive on the autobahn-she wouldn’t be able to do it!  I’m not so sure I would be able to do it either, at least not without a lot of stress.  But we made it safely there and back without incident.  Praise the Lord! 🙂

Well, it’s getting late and I need to get up early for class tomorrow, so I better end this here.  Leave me a comment! 🙂


3 responses to “An amazing weekend in Balingen

  • Phoebe

    Hallo Becky!

    Schönes Wochenende, ne? Naja, immer schön aufs Land zu sein…und nicht nur aufs Land sondern auch mit den Heiligen! Danke für das Post und die Fotos. Ich schätze alle deine Fotos 🙂

    Meine Erfahrung war dass die Berliner (ich meine hier Pfannkuchen) sind manchmal gut manchmal schlecht. Sie müssen frisch sein. Hängt auch davon ab wo du die Pfannkuchen kaufst. In einige Laden sind sie ganz schlecht (fast kein Marmalade…gar nicht frisch…)! Aber kann auch sein dass sie dir einfach nicht gefällt.

    Es tut mir leid dass ich fast nie was hier schreibe. Ich lese was du schreibst (oder manchmal gucke was für Fotos du hast) und denke an dich. Ich hab dich lieb…


    (Entschuldigung…mein Deutsch wird immer schlechter und ich bin heute zu faul alles nachzuschlagen. :-p)

  • susiewaggener

    Your pictures were beautiful as were the faces of the brothers and sisters in the conference. As for driving…maybe I could drive there with a little practice, as long as the car could take it that fast. Love you Becky. Sure enjoyed talking with you. Country is beautiful. 🙂

  • John Anthony Ferrante

    This is great sister! I know your having the time of your life. I hope you dont travel down that Autobahn again, sounds scary! It’s quite wonderful, sovereign and merciful that you were able to be a part of that conference. Our Lord is great. I hope to see more pictures of your German trip and hope to hear more and more wonderful posts as your experiences keep coming. Wonderful.
    In Him,

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