An Abnormal Blue Sky

When I woke up today, I was happy to see that the fog had lifted!  Literally.  I could see blue skies!  Not quite as blue as the October sky, but it was beautiful nonetheless.  Because of the wonderful weather and the knowledge that tomorrow will be much colder, I spontaneously decided that today was the day I would finally visit the Brandenburger Tor.  And so that’s what I did!  After class, I took the train back home, changed into some more comfortable clothes, and took the S-Bahn to the Brandenburger Tor station.  As soon as I  emerged from the station, I could see it smack dab in front of me.  So much history associated with this gate!  I took some pictures of course.  Just a short walk away was the German Reichstag, so of course I went there too.  After that I took the U-Bahn to Friedrichstrasse, where I spent several hours finishing reading a bestselling German novel at Dussmann KulturKaufhaus, a really awesome bookstore that is 5 stories tall and has every kind of book imaginable.  Then I attended “Ladies Night with Kerstin Gier”, who is the author of the book I was reading.  In the back of Dussman we all gathered to hear her read parts of her book Auf Der Anderen Seite ist das Gras Viel Grüner outloud, which was really fun and yet a little hard to understand because she was speaking so fast!  Then of course I stood in line so I could get her autograph. 🙂  It’s kinda funny; I’ve never actually been to one of those “meet the author” gigs in the US, yet here in Berlin I have!

Anyway, after that, I took the train back home and now it’s getting close to 11:00 PM, so I had better get to bed.  I didn’t get a chance to do my homework…I think I’ll look over the reading before I fall asleep.

Oh!  I completely forgot!  I gave my presentation today on the three parts of man.  It was really awesome.  I was pretty nervous not because I had to speak in front of people, but because I was speaking about the three parts of man according to the biblical point of view, and I wasn’t sure how my classmates would take it.  But they were all very interested and I was able to speak everything in German in a comprehensive way.  My German is really getting better and better.  Today I called my brother and the first thing that popped into my mind to tell him was in German rather than English.  Sometimes it feels strange to speak in English because I’m just speaking in German all the time.  It was so strange, for example, to speak in English to some other tourists at the Brandenburg Gate.  (I asked someone to take my picture.)  This doesn’t mean that my German is perfect, however.  I still have sooo much to learn.  And to practice, practice, practice!  Speaking of which, I better get on that homework.  Tschüss for now! 🙂


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