An Amazing 23rd Birthday

Hello everyone!  Thanks for all the lovely birthday wishes!  I had a wonderful birthday today.  Last night I went over to a family’s home, hung out, did my homework, and then ate dinner.  Then I spent the night there, which was really fun.  I got up early and took the S-Bahn to school, and class resumed as normal until we broke for the Pause.  Normally we all go to the cafeteria, but today most everybody was staying in the classroom, which I thought was odd, but they all said they were just tired.  Then the remainder of my classmates walked in carrying a cake with 23 candles!  I was so surprised!

This was a really delicious cake!!

I was so surprised that one of my classmates bought me something.  We were together at Dussmann Kulturkaufhaus and I saw these mini globes, and I mentioned to her how cool it would be to have that for my desk.  And she got it for me!

Here I am explaining the story to my classmates.


Most of my classmates

After class, I went back home and slept for a few hours.  For some reason, I was very tired!  Then, I went over to R + N’s apartment to have Thanksgiving dinner, and H baked me a cake (which was also very delicious)!

By the time we got around to eating the cake, we were all pretty drowsy from all the food.  As you all know, when we get sleepy, we also tend to get pretty silly.  When I put the cake up next to me for R to take a picture, R said “Oh, you look like your cake!” because I was wearing a brown dress and my cake was also brown.  This caused me to burst into laughter and it took awhile for me to stop laughing.  I literally had to run to the bathroom because I thought I was going to wet my pants!  I think that’s the first time anyone’s ever told me I look like a cake. hehe!

Anyways, not too long after that, we all went home.  It was a lovely birthday and certainly one I’ll never forget.  Tomorrow I’m going to try to visit a museum, so hopefully you’ll get to see some pictures from that later!  It’s very late here, however, so I had better get to sleep.  Love you all!


3 responses to “An Amazing 23rd Birthday

  • John Anthony Ferrante

    What a birthday extravaganza! It seems like your friends over there are fantastic people who really care for you in such a deep and meaningful way. I am glad you are having such a good time. Germany seems to be “the place to be” now. Wonderful. I look foward to your blog on your museum trip.

  • Naomi

    Oh Becky, you are SO cute! I love your post! I laughed out loud and Jody said, “What’s so funny?” (I’m still waiting for him to read it) You are most certainly in the right place. I love reading your blogs. Your are such a great blogger! So informative and thorough, and yet you still keep your adorable personality in it. Sehr wunderball! (Lol, I don’t know the german word for wonderful). I love you!

  • marzwaggener

    Becky. You look like a cake.

    Happy Birthday my dear. I’m glad you had such a great birthday. I love the expression of surprise on your face in the picture where you’re opening the snowglobe present.

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