Sick Day

Today I woke up to a monstrous sinus headache and a very sore throat, plus I just felt achy all over.  So I decided not to go to class today.  Luckily I planned on getting sick so I took some Dayquil I had packed just for this occasion.  Haha! On the plus side, now I have time to write.

As promised, on Saturday I visited a museum.  I ended up spending 3 hours at the German Historical Museum, after which I was more than ready to leave.  Even though I was there for three hours, there was still so much more I could have explored!  It was all so fascinating!  I took a ton of pictures, so I won’t put them here on this post, but on a separate page.

After spending the entire morning in my room, I began to get some cabin fever, so I called up HA and together with RK we went  to the Weihnachtsmarkt (Christmas market) at Alexander Platz.  Even though it’s a Christmas market, there was practically nothing there that was actually related to Christ.  It was really fun walking around and looking at all the different booths.  I bought a glass of hot chocolate that was really delicious, and I got to keep the glass.  (You can give it back and get your money back, but I wanted to keep it as a souvenir.)

You may think this is busy, but it gets really crazy at night!

The little figurines on top rotate in alternating directions.

There were tons of places selling winter wear.  Pretty smart business strategy, if you ask me.

Home baked German bread!

These gingerbread hearts are a must.  You can’t leave a Weihnachtsmarkt without one.

Even though I was sick, that hot chocolate sure tasted good. 🙂

These little houses are actually candle holders.  The smoke from the candle goes up from the chimney and the fire inside illuminates the house.

Aren’t they cute?

Well, even though it’s only eight o’clock, I am really tired, so I think I’ll get to bed.  I don’t want to miss class again tomorrow!


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