Indian food, korean food, and sleet!

Hello all! I had a very exciting day today because it sleeted!  (It’s such a funny word when you think about it.  Sleet, sleet, sleet…The more you say it, the weirder it becomes!)  I was very excited to see something icy!  It’s probably the closest I’ll get to seeing snow over here.  It rarely snows in December in Berlin.  A fact that would have been nice to know before I got here… Oh well. 😛

Here’s a close-up of the sleet.  This is on a bean-bag chair outside a small shop.

On Saturday night, I went out with some of my classmates as a last-minute thing because I was bored staying home all day and we decided to go eat at a Russian restaurant.  When we finally got there, however, there wasn’t any room for 7 people.  So M (one of my classmates who knew the area) suggested we have some Indian food at a restaurant about 100 meters away.  So we did!  We had to wait a long time before our food was ready (and we didn’t get there until after 8:00, so I was pretty hungry, since I hadn’t eaten dinner yet), but when it came, it was totally worth the wait!  It was sooo delicious!  I can’t remember what exactly I ordered, but whatever it was, it sure was good.

We took some photos while we were waiting for the food… 🙂

Today after class a small group of us went to a Korean restaurant.  The food there was also very good, but not as yummy as the Indian food (in my opinion.) ;P

This was a very sweet rice drink.  I couldn’t finish it because it was just so sweet!

E practicing her chopstick skills.

On Sunday night we went to a Weihnachtsmarkt (Christmas market) in Neukölln.  It wasn’t too impressive.

An old mail carriage!  That’s the sign for Deutsche Post on the door.  This was also at the Weihnachtsmarkt.

This one was (is?)  specifically used for weddings.

You could even buy a horseshoe for only two and a half Euros!  Of course, I didn’t buy one.



One response to “Indian food, korean food, and sleet!

  • John Anthony Ferrante

    Its like, what havent you done there. I knwo its probably a lot cause there just seems to be so much. Wow, cant lie, i am a little jelous :). I love indian food, never had korean but seems interesting. These markest you’re going too are just wonderful. I cant believe they actually exist, its like a big fair! So exciting. Cant wait til you’re next post. Praise the Lord sister.

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