Das Brandenburger Tor

The Brandenburg Gate today is a symbol of German unity, but that was not always so.  When it was originally built in the 1730s under the direction of Friedrich William II, it acted as a symbol of peace.  Prussian monarchs used to parade through the center arch, and Napoleon also marched through the arch in his victory in 1814.  During World War II the Nazis used it as a party symbol.

Nazi party symbol

It was badly damaged after WW II but thankfully still stood.

When the Berlin Wall was built on August 13, 1961, people in West Germany gathered on the western side of the gate to protest.

Brandenburger Tor during the Cold War

Hey look!  My name’s on there! (This picture is taken from West Berlin.)

On the night of the 9th of November, 1989, thousands of East Germans gathered at the Brandenburg Gate tore down the wall.  There was much celebrating and tons of traffic from East Berlin to West Berlin and vice versa.  Families and friends were reunited, and the Brandenburg Gate became a symbol of unity, which it remains today.


Now that you know a little bit about the history of the Brandenburg Gate, now you can look at my pictures! 🙂

Here I am at the Brandenburger Tor (Brandenburg Gate).  I was too chicken to ask anybody to take my picture while there was good lighting.  Maybe I’ll go back and get another one.  The only thing is, will I get another opportunity with such a beautiful sky?

This one horse got cold, so s/he snuggled with his/her partner.  There were about 5 horse drawn carriages there.  I’m hoping that wet spot underneath them is just water…

The back of the Brandenburg Gate.

When you walk through the gate, you can see carved pictures up high.

What Darth Vader was doing there, I’ll never know.

There were these two guys posing as an American and German soldier in front of the gate that you could take your picture with.  I just took of picture of them instead.  They kept trying to talk to me in English, but I was in German mode and kept responding to them in German.

I like how the sun shines through the pillars.

This is my attempt at a close-up of the chariot with four horses.

My first glimpse of the Brandenburger Tor!

Click here for slideshow!


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